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Filteria - Remixed + Unreleased

Suntrip's 2009 Christmas gift

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Hello all, Jannis Filteria here!!

Hope you enjoyed Daze of Our Lives.

In spring 2007, Suntrip and me announced an unofficial Filteria album containing remixes and unreleased material. This album never saw the daylight… Until now!

As you probably figured out already, these tracks are approximately from 2006 and are close to the Heliopolis/Sky Input era both in style and sound/production wise. Worth mentioning is that most of these remixes were made for the summer party season. I have selected my favorite versions of the remixes.

Here's the tracklist of "Remixes & Unreleaseds"
1. Operation Mind Expansion
2. Latch
3. Poem
4. Speech Module (Filteria Remix)
5. Rotate To Vibrate (Ze Remix)
6. Unfiltred (Sun Remix)
7. Reflected (Blinded Remix)
8. Total Planetary Being (Filteria Remix)
9. K.O.B. – Multiple Disorder (Filteria Remix)
10. K.O.B. – Weight Of Oblivion (Filteria Ambient Remix)

In total, more than 90 minutes of madness :)
Please check the samples below with the comments on each track.

I hope you will like this compilation. Maybe there will be more... As always, thank you for your support.
Take care / Jannis Filteria


Suntrip note: Filteria will get most of the money from the "Remixes & Unreleaseds" sales. He's living exclusively out of his music, so this will help him get new toys in the studio for example. We agreed on a fair price, please be fair with the artist by not pirating this release. Thank you.

Dec 17, 2009
(click on the player for extracts)
Filteria - Operation Mind Expansion

Operation Mind Expansion is a crossed remix between Operation Pulse and Mind Expansion initially released on the Heloipolis album.

Filteria - Latch

Latch is a great track from 2004 that almost made it to the album Sky Input, but Galactic Rays was chosen instead at the last moment.  This version is an update from 2006.

Filteria - Poem

Poem is totally unreleased. It was made in june 2005 and was meant to be on Heliopolis.

Filteria (feat. Red Gravity) - Speech Module (Filteria Remix)

Speech Module Rmx is a live version of the track originally made with Red Gravity for Heliopolis.

Filteria - Rotate To Vibrate (Ze Remix)

Rotate To Vibrate (Ze Remix) is one of the live mixes of Rotate to Vibrate, the most crazy and acid one!!!

Filteria - Unfiltered (Sun Remix)

Unfiltred (Sun Rmx) is one of the live version of the track from Heliopolis, with some surprising changes !

Filteria - Reflected (Blinded Remix)

Reflected (Blided Remix) is the live version of the track from Heliopolis, more adventurous and more trippy.

Filteria - Total Planetary Being (Filteria Remix)

Total Planetary Being Rmx is a veeeery trippy track from september 2005, the original was made with Red Gravity, both were unreleased.

K.O.B. - Multiple Disorder (Filteria Remix)

Multiple Disorder is the latest produced track on this compilation, made in early 2007. The weird side of K.O.B. can be noticed through the track.

K.O.B. - Weight Of Oblivion (Filteria Ambient Remix)

Weight Of Oblivion Ambient remix started as an intro track for Filteria live sets. 

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