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Suntrip acid & darker goa-sound!

For the psychedelic goa night lovers!

Special deals

Suntrip is not only about melodic goa... we have quiet a few of darker/more psychedelic nightish goa trance releases as well! Now they are available for a superb price :) to please all you darker lovers out there! :) Normal price, 111€, now only 70€! :)

E-Mantra - Arcana
VA - Temple of Chaos
E-Mantra - Nemesis
Shakta - Retroscape
KOB - Identity Mash
Toi Doi - Synaptic Electrophoresis
Morphic Resonance - City of Moons
Morphic Resonance - Perplexity
E-Mantra - Stapanii Tempului
VA - 50th parallel

Nov 26, 2018

70€ instead of 111€

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