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VA - Flight 604

Zion604 Records

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Zion 604 Records is a psychedelic trance record label formed in March 2012 by Roy Sason, Stephan Spivak and Masafumi Hoshida.

Flight 604 is threir first flight as a label and a first step in their main goal: preserving the Goa culture by spreading Goa music. The project is based on a non-profit aj(g)enda, and by that they are able to bring it to you at cost price.

In this compilation they are proud to present some of Israel's finest psychedelic Goa Trance acts.
Pure Israeli New School at its best.

1. Loud – Enlightment (Oforia Remix)
2. Adrenalin Drum – Goa Visions
3. Qlipadelic Rythm & Jikooha – Spirit Of God
4. Aurax – Enoch
5. Computer Controlled – Physical Reality
6. Cymatics – Narrow Vision In A Wide World
7. InnerZone –     Analogue Sunrise (Live Mix)
8. California Sunshine – Gate To The Past
9. 2Minds – Evil Echo


Feb 24, 2013
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