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Lured by the Nymphs
02:25126 bpm
08:14146 bpm
Rise Up to the Sun
07:32146 bpm
Born Underwater
08:06145 bpm
08:36145 bpm
The Pleiades
08:30143 bpm
Mermaid's Twin Sister
06:42143 bpm
Mind Blowing
07:53146 bpm
Poseidon Lullaby
08:11148 bpm
Blue Planet
09:10115 bpm
Mar 6, 2009
Melodic Goa Trance
Tim Schuldt @ 4CN Studios
Carlos Pardo, Calamity Cécile, Fabien Mars
5 060147 123142

Suntrip Records starts 2009 with the enchanting “Born Underwater”, debut album of Brice Fruyt a.K.A Merr0w, from Paris.

After 10 years of music production and collaborations, and appearing in several compilations, Merr0w worked 2 years to deliver these 10 flawless gems and marks a new milestone in modern Goa Trance production: Massive drive together with a mix of subtle melodies and bouncing rhythmics.

After an dreamlike intro, Atlantis gives an insight of how visiting a jungle on the lost continent would be. A perfect combination of organic and synthetic sounds.

Rise up to the Sun, is definitely an intense electronic twirling track, yet coloured and multilayered.

Born Underwater is a beautiful track, fast and still with peaceful layers, like it has its own heart and lungs. Aquarius is a stormer: layer after layer and climax after climax, it builds to extreme euphoria; the listener being driven by amazing sfx and a possessive bassline!

The Pleiades is a tribute to Merr0w’s influences, although the track sounds more modern than ever, with a rollercoaster bassline that drives you twice to destroying cyclonic climaxes. You’ve been warned!

Mermaid’s Twin Sister achieves the wonder of letting Sirens play harp and sing harmoniously in a psytrance track. It will leave a peaceful smile on your face.

Mind Blowing lets space shuttles drill through your head between ethereal breaks and euphoric climaxes.

Poseidon Lullaby sounds funny at first before it unveils its massive acid layering. Entertaining and explosive.

Blue Planet, finally is a heartbreaking ambient ode to the beauty and fragility of our planet and its seas.

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