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Live at 10 Years Suntrip Records by Fractal Gate
Jul 17, 2016
Crazy melodic psychedelic trance
Crossing Mind
Fabien Mars
5 054283 804621
Crossing Mind is a respected Goatrance producer. He'll be playing at the Boom Festival 2016 (Dance Temple, August 14th 15:00) between Tsuyoshi Suzuki and Filteria!
We are releasing this live as a teaser of what the man can deliver on stage, although most tracks this year will be from his forthcoming album "Beyond Duality" to be released on Suntrip on September 2016!
We recorded this live performance at the Suntrip Records' 10th birthday party in Antwerp, Belgium on April 30th 2014. It contains eight live edits of released tracks, and two early/beta versions from his forthcoming album. 
Crossing Mind's live gear is unusual: he plays with a tablet plugged to an external sound card and running a bunch of audio apps, and he delivered a serious mind twisting psychedelia at Boom 2016 like that!  Click and see for yourself :)
Our regards go to Neogoa & UAF from Croatia & Serbia who released several Crossing Mind tracks including "Virtual Mind Cleaner" on the compilation Future Architecture 2, and to DAT Records from Italy who released Magnesia and convinced Crossing Mind to produce Goatrance again! Many thanks guys!

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