In many countries, the post is a public service. Well, in our country, the public is at the service of the post.

How many times did we have to explain the situation to customers that didn't understand a final product, a Suntrip CD costs 10€ and just sending its 103 grams outside of Europe increases its price by 64%... Local people are complaining too. But the post keeps on closing offices, not replacing people, setting stupid opening hours...and dramatically increasing prices.

In 2008 only, 2 of the 3 post offices in Suntrip's HQ city closed, the economic fares disappeared, formats were reviewed with a simpler pricing (e.g sending a comic went from 2,20€ to a generic 4,95€ overnight), European letter-fares were replaced by the rest-of-the-world ones, which in turn were replaced by thug-rate ones, delays apparently grew, thefts occurred, etc...

The post was pretending it's preparing for the opening to competition (01/01/2011) but it actually badly slashed its workforce and services to boost its income even more. Nearly 3 years later, there is no competitor anyway. And we guess there will be no real competition in the end, like it is with phone operators, or it will just make the situation worse in terms of service, and quality of work for the employees. We'll see...

We just can't express how much the post in our country is an impediment to our business and many other retailers.
Still, we are committing on:
- applying srictly the post prices cent for cent (check them here, here and here),
- keeping packaging free for our customers,
- packaging in the format that is the cheaper,
- finding grouping solutions if needed.

To make it even more transparent, we built this shipping prices calculator below. Thank you for your attention.

Country of origin Belgium (BE)
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Long Haul50g - 100gYesNoEUR5.31EUR5.67
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